Quality Control


The company's quality management always take customer

satisfaction as the goal,to ensure customer's needs will be

satisfied.We have proceed to ISO9001:2008/ISO14001:2004

/TS16949:2009 quality management system since 2009.Now  

is planning introduction of six sigma management,continue

to strengthen the company's product quality.   

To effectively monitor the product quality,the company has

bought many sets of international advanced level Monitoring

and measuring equipment, product quality has been real-time


The company pay much attention to the process control, and

establish the efficient high quality team, at present the

management personnel account for 12% of the total number

of companies, including 3 engineers, field control 9 people.

On this basis, the company to control and guide, make quality

management idea goes to all the staff in the heart.   

All personnel of the company depending on the quality as our

own responsibility, always do self inspection, and actively

improve the reasonable Change proposal, from product quality
to management system improvement.  

Design the first-class products, create excellent quality, sincere

customer service, continuous improvement to make the

customer more satisfied.